3 new reasons why safety is part of the experience with Uber

3 new reasons why safety is part of the experience with Uber

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Have phone--Will Travel! Nowadays that phrase really has taken on new meaning. As many of you have seen, I have been traveling with the kids to several places in the last few weeks, with our most recent trip to Puerto Rico for the second time. Each time I have traveled one aspect that has been such a nice experience has been the peace of mind knowing that I have reliable transportation with Uber.

On my first trip to Puerto Rico, I was with a media group and we had transportation and everything arranged, but this last time it was just me and the kids. This time around I had a few worries. First, the language barrier: even though it’s a US territory, the majority of Puerto Ricans speak only Spanish. We really wanted to explore the area this time on our own. Next issue was the safety: it’s one thing when you are traveling with a tour guide and with a group of people who do speak the language and are familiar with the country, and it's another experience when it’s just me and kids. Getting a taxi was definitely an option, but -- the language barrier and trust. So, this time around we quite literally turned Uber into our tour guide.

We got to explore some really fun areas which I’m highlighting below, but I do want to take a moment to talk about Uber’s new Safety Toolkit because they have been extremely helpful for me. I didn’t really know how much I would rely on this and how helpful and reassuring they would be on this trip. I know that many of you are travelers too, so I’m sure this will be helpful.

So, first things first:


I shared a little bit about this feature a few weeks ago that you can read about it in detail here, but I’ll just touch on it again for those that are new. In this new feature, you can add up to 5 of your contacts to share your ride details with. This is not only convenient to keep others in the loop, but also from a safety standard I can let them see how the ride is going, and if there ever was an emergency, it is easy for loved ones to know where I am.. All you need to do when you start a ride is click the option to share your ride details and select from your Trusted Contacts list you set up. When you are done you can just click stop sharing.


In this section, you can read and get access to information about driver screening, insurance protection available to you as a rider, etc. This was very important to me when riding an Uber. It’s really nice to know that at any time I can see everything that Uber is doing to help keep the drivers and especially the riders safe.


Hopefully, I’ll never need to use this feature in the app, but it is so comforting to know that it is there. Right in the app with one push, you can be connected to emergency services without having to dial 911 separately.  If you can’t talk or respond the app will let authorities know your location and details of the ride to come to your assistance if necessary. While I was there in Puerto Rico as a test I pushed it to see how it works and I spoke with a very nice responder that confirmed everything for me and how it would work in an emergency situation.

I’m back now in the city, but I can’t tell you how comforting it was to be able to conveniently and safely get around while traveling. And now that I’m back it just adds another level of confidence to use Uber.

Has anyone else used the new safety features yet? This one more reason why Uber is always number one on my list for transportation.

Now let’s dive a little deeper into Puerto Rico. On one of the trips we put just Old San Juan as the destination and asked the driver to recommend the best drop off spot. He took us to the Castillo San Felipe del Morro.

Did you know that the Castillo is the original defense fortification that the Spanish military built in the 16th century to defend the then Spanish-controlled bay? It was made using the all the tested principles of defense for the time, so you can find similar-looking fortresses all over the old Spanish territories in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. It was constantly upgraded over the next 400 years as new technologies in military power evolved. For example, the original walls were built to be 8 ft thick, but by the 1900’s they were over 18 ft thick to withstand the blast of new weaponry. Today the fort is Puerto Rico’s highest visited tourist spot, and it’s dome covered sentry boxes are the cultural symbol of Puerto Rico. It is a really cool place to visit, and I highly recommend you go. Be sure to bring a few water bottles and allocate at least 2 hours to explore. The kids and I had the greatest time exploring and learning. Although I will have to say that we got pretty tired after going up and down the millions of steps. It’s a great place to visit after a heavy lunch to keep you in shape. :)

The driver also recommended that after the Castillo, we go by the Stuffed Avocado Shop. I highly recommend it. It’s a fraction of the cost compared to other cafes we’ve visited and it is so, so good. We came back twice after that.

All around I’ve been so impressed with how beautiful, colorful, and European-looking Puerto Rico is. In fact, it is a rule that when you build a new house in the city, you have to follow a set color pattern to ensure the beauty remains. Isn’t that amazing?

On other days we went paddle boarding, horseback riding, etc, but that will be for another post to share.


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