Whisbear, the Humming Bear

Whisbear, the Humming Bear


Let’s talk about baby’s sleep. I can’t tell you how often I will hear people saying that a baby should be sleeping this long or that and that if the baby isn’t sleeping according to their “idea” then something must wrong. It can be a difficult challenge especially for new parents that are just beginning their journey to navigating this challenging area of taking care of a baby.

Which Approach is Best?

First, there is no one true right method that all babies should follow. Every baby is different and each have their own personal needs, but in general there are certain characteristics that are important. One thing that is for sure is that it is no fun for anyone, baby included to have a nap or nighttime sleep interrupted earlier than it should be.

Benefits of Gentle White Noise

For many years the science has been out about the benefits of gentle white noise to help babies to be soothed and sleep deeper and get better rest, and I can put my approval to that. This time around with Elisey we have seen many examples of the benefits of helping him to rest until he is ready to get up. His mentality is better, he is happier, and more engaged in the world around him.

Recently I came across Whisbear and was curious to see what the buzz was all about surrounding this new toy. They reached back and I got the opportunity to see first hand and learn all about this new toy.

What is Whisbear?

To start off, Whisbear really is the result of what you get when you combine cutting-edge sleep science and creative toy design. It’s a fun toy that the baby will love to play with, (Elisey reached out to grab it right away when we showed him) and its hidden cry sensor has all the technology behind it.

Ease of Use

One of the best parts about the Whisbear is how easy it is to use in your daily routine. All you need to do is place the sensor behind the ears of the Whisbear and then with a gentle squeeze or hug you can activate the sensor. You can play with the volume to get just the right level for your baby and then let it respond to your baby’s cry. The sensor has built-in smart technology which helps it detect the baby crying and not you making noise in the background. The other nice thing is that it automatically runs to a standby mode when you aren’t using it, so that you conserve power and don’t have to worry about turning it on again. It will also gradually turn off after 40 minutes to ensure the baby has gotten back into a restful sleep.


An aspect of the toy that I really love is its portability. Many sleep-aid devices in today’s market often need to be used at home. The challenge I often face though is how to bring the benefits of these new sciences while I am out on the go, as I often am. This is where Whisbear comes in. Since all the tech is built into the toy, portability isn’t a problem. I bring it in the stroller with me, and in the car. It’s quickly becoming a must-bring when I take Elisey out.

Who will benefit?

Apart from it being a really cute toy as-is, I can say that this is one of the better blends of toy/tech that I have come across in recent years. If you struggle with short naps or fitful sleeping with your baby, then Whisbear can definitely help. Whisbear is available at Nordstrom, Barnes & Nobles and Amazon.

Anyone else tried Whisbear? What are your thoughts?


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