Fun Fact: What is Surface Tension

Nikola here, and today I wanted to share a really fun fact from science that you can see working all the time. That fun fact is called Surface Tension. Now, you all have seen this working anytime you see drops of water, or especially when you see insects that can walk on water. Why is that? Well the cool thing about liquids is that all the little molecules or parts of the water all like to stick together when they are near the surface. So this can make it possible for really cool things to happen.

One fun experiment you can do at home is to get a penny just like it is shown above and keep putting one drop of water at a time on it. How many can you get on it before the water spills over? 

There are many more things that you can do to show how cool surface tension will be, and Nadya and I are going to be doing a fun experiment with color to show this. Stay tuned to see the video. Until then, let me know about any other fun facts you might want to learn more about. 

Have a great day!