The world has changed when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss invented jeans in 1873. Everyone knows historic brands like Levi's, Lee and Wrangler and terminology such as "skinny", "slim", "boyfriend", "tapered", "bootcut", "flare", etc is a part of a daily vocabulary of any fashionista. It is nearly to impossible to imagine a style conscious individual without a denim staple, and let's be honest : jeans are great - they save the day ( or night) when nothing else seems to work. These new series will be dedicated to answering the very question every woman has - how to find the best fitting jeans for your wants, needs and style.

Skinny jeans are all over the place. Some love them, some hate them, some don't care about them. And though it may sound surprising, but almost everyone can wear skinny jeans.

Just because you tried a pair of skinny jeans that you didn't like does not mean that skinnies are not for you. Nearly every modern designer - big or small - offers some sort of a version of slim fitting jeans. And here are a few things to remember when on a quest for a new pair of your faithful denims.

* don't settle for a one-time/one-pair fitting. there are as many skinny styles today as there are trees in the forest. if you didn't like fit "a" from a store/designer "n", go try a fit "b" from a place "c". in other, simpler words - go to a different place and/or try another pair. a subtle difference in the cut can make all the difference. 

* try a size up - going a little looser will make you look 10 lbs thinner. long, lean and slim is something we are all going after, right? 

* don't sacrifice quality over quantity. a pair of a good designer jeans will fit you better, last you longer and boost your confidence like there is no tomorrow. 

* don't be sold on just a "big name" : some lesser known designers often can offer an amazing fit and a better price then big well-known names. smaller brands competing with larger names often some up with some genius ideas. after all , it is all about how it looks, fits and wears, and not about who makes it. 

* stretch can be a double sided sword - it can be your best friend, or your worst enemy. look for thicker denim and two way stretch : it will allow your jeans to keep the original shape and boost your silhouette.

* try different washes. going graphite or gray can be a nice alternative to a typical blue, although a great shade of blues will aways be a classic. if choosing grays, go for medium or dark shades - deeper colors with the right fading are very flattering on and universally will take you from day to night with minute adjustments. 

* rise matters. long gone the days of the extra low-rise jeans ( and thanks heaven for that!)  mid to higher rises generally create the appearance of longer legs and smaller waist, slim the silhouette while eliminating the possibility of never desirable wardrobe malfunctions.

* experiment with lengths. from cropped to ankle to all the way long extra skinny, different lengths have different effects on the look achieved. remember, when going to all the way below the ankle bone skinny, choose a the length a little longer then typical and the ultra skinny cut: a bit of bunched up material between the calf and the ankle will balance out the hip nicely and create the illusion of an extra long leg. 

* don't underestimate the power of shoes. the right shoe will make the outfit, no secret here, but shoes are twice as important when choosing a skinny jean. pointed toe slim shoe will look beautiful with slightly cropped or ankle length jeans, while slightly rounded ballet flats add certain charm to full length ultra skinnies. Mind the height of the cropped boots - ones that fall just above the ankle bone but cut before the calf are most elongating. And a little heel will always add a dash of necessary sexy for the night out. 

The truth is that , most likely, one pair won't cover all your "skinny" needs. here are a few of my current favorites : one, two, three, four, five, six, seven  - simple, basic, but won't fail you whether you need a little confidence boost or a proven go-to for a cozy weekend. 

Are you a skinny jean person? 

*images via madewell

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