It took me forever to be able to find a perfect stroller, and right as I was about to get discouraged, I found THE ONE ! That here is why Stokke Xplory  is the best one out there:

1 my baby LOVES it.

2 my TODDLER adores it.

3 its the most reliable and heavy duty stroller, while being light weight and compact

4 the quality of craftsmanship is amazing.

5 STOKKE takes particular care to baby's/toddler's development. The posture is excellent for both developing spines, which is essential.

6 its SUPER easy to steer and maneuver - yet to find one to measure up

7 high seating option ( that is adjustable) , is AMAZING. Any mama will tell you that YOUR spine is very tender shortly after giving birth - it NEEDS I high bassinet. And then , when you have a toddler , it is also nice to have them up high.

8 storage is FANTASTIC, and stylishly hidden. SO important.

9 Stokke cares not only for babies , but for mamas too: multitude of little pockets for cell phones, cupholder, etc, etc - STOKKE I cannot thank you enough!

10 A-MAZING accessories! Just the winter kit alone is worth more words then I can say!
 Yes, there may be other bundle-me-type of things out there, BUT does anyone thinks of MAMAS? Those hand covers are SO WARM, and SO NEEDED! plus the down filled sleeping bag, etc, etc. I can go on forever.

11 CUSTOMER SERVICE is out of this world. I mean - I've NEVER, EVER have had such fantastic experience with any other company ( and there were many...) as I had with Stokke. THAT alone could be a number one selling factor for Xplory...

Other reasons include interesting design, convertible and reversible seats, toddler ride-on board ( that you can actually WALK with it being attached!)and more. I absolutely LOVE my Xplory and from experienced stroller owner can say, that there is nothing better on the market. Give it a try - I am SURE you'll LOVE it too! THANK YOU , STOKKE! Off to ordering high chair...

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