12 ways to Unforgettable Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, my friends!

Valentine's Day is a romantic celebration of love, tenderness and  beauty. The year of Black Dragon is told to me mystical, so why not make a celebration a little different then typical? Here are some ideas how

First date.

Pretend as if you are meeting today for the first time. Take off your engagement/wedding rings, take two different tables at the restaurant, and meet each other there "accidentally". Throw a couple of "unsure" glances, agree to a "first dance", and let your imagination take you as far as it gets! You'll be surprised how fun this can be. Another option - replay your first date or the first time you met. Taking yourself back into those memories will make you fall in love all over again.

Destination - childhood.

Take your love to the place of his childhood. Go to where he was born, take him to his first school, etc. You'll be surprised how many positive emotions will surface. Who knows, maybe this trip will be another one of the building blocks of your relationship - you will see a sweet side of your loved one that you've never known before.

3 Talents.

Write him a poem, a song, or dance ( wink , wink). Even if you've never done it before, trust me, he will sure remember it.

Heart attack.

Attack him with the valentines of all calibers , small and large. Stuff then into his pockets, car, laptop, shoes - you get the idea. He will feel loved and appreciated - and you'll love the return!

5 Surprise at work.

Decorate his work space with post-its filled with love notes. Cover the computer, desk or window. A wide smile on his face is guaranteed for the rest of the day ( and co-workers will ensure it stays!)


6 Don't do anything!

As in - take a day off from work, get a baby sitter ( if applies)  and "do nothing" together. Sleep in, watch a movie under a blanket together, drink wine or hot cocoa, or just walk around the apartment holding hands. In the crazy fast paced world a change like that may just be the best day you've ever had.

7 Do what you always wanted.

Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to do what you always wanted. Take him to a great restaurant, go hang-gliding together, take a dance class  - experience it all together, and make it double fun.

8 Art

Buy some paints, brushes, canvas and get ready to express yourselves! Turn on some music to fit the mood and work as your imagination will lead you. When finished, frame the art work at add it to your bedroom . How great is that for setting the romantic mood?

9 Romantic dinner

Though typically Valentine's calls for a fancy restaurant, try something quiet and private at home. Do simple but unusual menu, put on some fab attire and make up , light up some candles , fill the glasses and off you go to the land of L.O.V.E.

10 Long wanted present

If your man is anything like mine, he will NOT justify an extra penny spend on himself. Use this day to give him something that he REALLY wants but will never get , even if he earns a million ( or two). This will take some planning before hand, but if you do - the happiness in his eyes is the best reward for all the sneakiness  you'd need to do.

11 DIY

Make something yourself. A gift does not have to be expensive, extravagant, professional or luxurious. Something as simple as a little card , but made by YOU with love and creativity will warm his heart more then a brand new Mercedes with his name engraved on it ( though he would like that one, I'm sure). Love is more then things - show it in your unique way.

12 THE cherry

Have some hot and steamy [es] -[ee]-[eks]. Because this is what he will dreaming of the whole day anyway. 

pic - instagram {livingnotes}

 Since my man likes to read my posts, I will not be telling - just yet - what MY plans are. But I would like to know about yours...

Do you have anything fun planned? What is your dream way of celebrating Valentine's Day? 

From all my heart...

Live your dream