City life is vibrant, fast, fulfilling and we love everything about it even if living in the middle of it all means taking a huge cut according to American standards in square footage. Although we don't mind a tight fit at all, having a new baby means a lot of sleepless nights and nighttime feedings which don't mix so well with not-quite-a-baby-but-not-a-toddler-yet stage that Evyianne is in. As stars would have it, a reach from Oilo Studio and their newest addition of linens for Stokke cribs ( that we love, in case you haven't noticed that yet) , Haba toys and a pressing need for some quiet space for the newest addition came all at the same time. We dug out floorplan blueprints and noted that between a not-really-needed storage room and a spacy balcony there could easily be created another small room with just a few easy modifications. So we rolled up our sleeves, went to work and the result is more then perfect for us. Take a look below if you like!

** welcome to our little city boy sanctuary **

** i talked before about why Stokke crib was our choice ( you can read it here and here), but there is one more important factor that we never considered until moving to SF - the ease of maneuverability that Sleepi offers. Earthquakes are common in CA ( up to 500 a month! crazy?! but absolutely true. our 11 year old reported it from his science class) , so we roll Sleepi in the middle of the room every night to ensure that the baby is in the safest position possible. that alone combined with Sleepi's ability to fit through narrow door frames makes it a must for us **

** the picture does not do the justice to this beautiful luxurious linens Oilo Studio created for Stokke. and even though unfortunately Evyianne's matress must be on the lowest setting which prevents from appreciating all the magnificence of the bed skirt, nonetheless, it adds a beautiful and tasteful touch. 300-count satin bed sheet and a 100% linen band skirt accompanied by artistic designs - it's a royal type of a sleeping arrangement but modern life friendly: all sheets are fully machine washable and designed to the highest standards of quality—everything you've come to expect from Oilo. **

** unique and striking - two words that come to mind. very much like Mr. Evyianne himself **

** my nighttime reading pile while waiting for E to fall asleep. i am 100% sure that everyone knows these books, and i am 100% loving every page of every single one of them. if you don't have either yet - get it! it's an easy, but very good read, a worth-it addition to home book collection **

** although he gets to sleep here all by himself ( at least for now ), he definitely doesn't get to play JUST by himself: we couldn't pass on the ability to create a little play area for everyone else. lucky for everyone, E is a very hospitable little man. ( for as long as you don't touch his cars ) **

** play teepees are the best invention ever: take no space to store and provide infinite fun abilities. the window on this teepee is a huge bonus, agree? handmade by a creative mom, teepee tot is worth supporting in my opinion **

** a little man inside of his castle **

** we contemplated a chalk wall for about 5 seconds after we realized that "draw on chalk all" will equal to "draw of every wall with whatever i want" for Evyianne and Vasilisa ( and can't forget the new coming addition too, who will learn EVERYTHING from those two) , so we decided an easel was a perfect solution instead **

** and we seem to have gotten it right. also, we have a little lefty who also uses the right hand just the same. i am curious to see what her preference will be later in life, but it is both hands for now **

** the beautiful HABA blocks collection is the most high-in-demand toy of our household. i talked about our thoughts on toys here, and there is another post coming up soon, so i will simply say this today : best investment is the investment in developing child's imagination. that can never go wrong, in my opinion **

** one of my favorite book series. we are always on the hunt for the ones we don't have to complete the collection, and it's been fun for all of us **

** every boy needs a plane. this one is not for Evyianne quite yet, but Nikola made great use of it until then, so that it is not dusting in boredom :) **

** and speaking of N - this is how is more often to be found then not: hiding somewhere with the book. all i can say - i love this age. he talks about all the things he read nonstop and it's seriously the best! **

** but then i love this age too... even if he sits on my lap for about 33 seconds and the book reading results in HIM flipping through the pages with the speed of light while i tell a make-shift story to accompany the pictures **

** and that's a wrap! i hope you enjoyed the little tour just as much as we love having the space! **

** Crib: Stokke Sleepi c/o ; sheets Oilo Studio c/o ; bag: Petunia Pickle Bottom c/o; teepee: TeepeeTot c/o ; chair: Lexmod  ; rug : Ikea ; shelves : Ikea; building blocks : HABA toys c/o; green truck : Plan Toys ( on sale!), cat pillow : Areaware ; door catcher: latchy-catchy; c/o, cloth dolls : Ruben's Barn c/o; i am wearing JCrew top and shoes and Point Sur jeans, girls are wearing the Podolls, boys - Peek clothing; backpacks are from SoYoung and books can be found here, here and here! i think this covers all FAQs, but don't hesitate to ask here or on Instagram! xo**