A sun has been a rare guest this year so far in SF, but it was bright and shining, and you can never pass a day like that. Pregnancy hormones or not, but the gloomy weather sends me to a depressive mode. There is just something about sun that makes you want to discover the new streets, get an ice-cream cone and just sit in the park while watching kids play and loving life, right?!

** the outside seating was overflowing. looks like I was not the only one who missed the sun so much this year **

** a picture together is a picture together - i'll take any we can get **

** the Chinatown specialties. the seaweed is the best here and the prices are too! **

** i know it's my own pregnancy, and it was very conscious decision, and i am thrilled we are heaving a new baby soon, but sometimes it becomes sort of surreal : 10 more weeks ( or less! ) and we will have another human in our family! life is a miracle, you guys. it really is. I never thought in my entire life I would be so blessed. I thank God and all my lucky stars for it every day. My not-so-little-anymore family, my rock and my love **

** we stopped at a Chinatown corner shop to get a little bag for the little guy  ( who has been stealing everyone's backpacks lately, but they are too big for him still ) , and I cannot believe that this "3 for $10 deal" on keychain dolls ended up in our bag too ( there went my strict toy policy ) , but the girls have been oohing and ahh-ing over the dolls, and sometimes you just have to give in - joys of life , right? **

** safe to say he was and still is VERY happy **

** the markings of the Little Italy borders . LOVE. **

** if there is a mascot of San Francisco, then it has to be the bicycle. did you know that SF is the most bike-friendly city in the US? Believe it or not, we also have bikes ( and ride them too), somehow I never captured that thought... **

** one of my favorite photo galleries. true spirit of SF in every capture **

** these details are everything... **

** can't go to the Little Italy without a stop at Molinari's - our secret place for best Italian cheese ( and everything else Italian): freshest, cheapest and the most friendly family that ran it for generations. And kids get a piece of candy every time we go in too, because they made friends with the owners on our first visit ever. Needless to say , it's a must **

** a very important conversation, solving the dilemma as to where to go for gelato: our favorite rose flavored one was out **

** but if there are two things that you will never be short on in Little Italy, it's pizza and gelato. we found another little family owned gem just up the block **

** note that "ah" expression on E's face. It is also typically accompanied by loud "aaa-aa-aaa!" , which translates in his language to "I want some too and NOW!" **

** he really has the best of all worlds : a little bit of everyone's gelato : that's 5 flavors for him alone ! **

** Since the weekend is around the corner, and if you happen to be in SF (the forecast is promising!), looking for some authentic gelato,  here are a couple of our favorite places to stop by : Gelateria Naia, Gelato Classico, Cafe Roma and DeLise.

And although pizzas are all over the place, nothing really beats Tony's, especially the Sicilian with ricotta on top!**

**FAQs: stroller - Bugaboo Bee 3; Vasilisa's hat - Little Sun Hat c/o; bag - Petunia Pickle Bottom c/o; kids backpacks - kanken and kanken mini; camera : nikon D4s; my shoes and outfit details can all be seen at the end of the post here **