A little nutrition talk

I was reading "Shape Magazine", and I must say, I was left a little disappointed. Out of the 5 points on healthy eating, only 1,5 were actually useful. Although I am pretty sure that drinking more then 5 glasses of water is a good thing, as well as choosing complex grains. I DID hope, however, that by now, considering the whole "health food" movement, that fruit/veggies would come close to first , rather then last. As well as the part about juicing : it's been known for a while, that FRESHLY squeezed juices are utilized completely different in the body due to the composition and high enzyme content, and are VERY USEFUL for the body. Are we still not over the "high protein/low sugar" stuff? Human body MUST have carbohydrates to run properly. Of course, there is a difference in the quality of those.

Second - the "low fat cheese". Someone, PLEASE, make that be illegal. Cheese is MEANT to be high fat. It MUST be high fat. And it MUST be a good quality. Let me tell you what happens, particularly, in women's body, if one has a LOW fat diet : poor skin, skimpy hair, sabotaged cell functioning , weight GAIN and hormonal dis-balance ( hello, PMS, estrogen dominance, etc)
GOOD QUALITY fat ( the kind you will find in those fancy, expensive and RAW cheeses ) is exactly what our bodies will LOVE.

Of course, the last, and by far , not the least, is the part that ... EVERYONE'S body is SO different, and there is no possibly one way to keep everyone to ONE single diet or ONE single strategy. Over the years of research, the only strategy that seems to be universal ( apart from the "nyama-nyam!" of course), is the strategy of EDUCATION on the subject, including the giving enough information for the person to acquire enough knowledge and be able to apply it to him or herself. Things like culture, authenticity, area of work and simply the lifestyle are ALL important and cannot be generalized.

So, as much as wonderful and appealing advice can be, make sure you do it not because someone said it's good, but because your body really likes it. Because many years from today ( and I hope you are planning on living long ) , it is important to have a healthy and well functioning body over the "now!" result for today.

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