A peak into one afternoon...

{more about baby carrier and stroller }

I trying to organize ( not very successfully, though) some of the pictures we've taken over the last couple of weeks ( only about 5 memory cards worth , no big deal... ) . When this stash hit, my productivity ended as I spent another hour looking through all of 200+ I took that afternoon . 

Whether it is to blame the technological progress or lack of a good camera but I have not had my hands on one this much with my first two kids. Since acquiring this best birthday gift ever,  I have only had one problem - the HD of my computer is not big enough to hold everything that I/we capture during the day. 

Thought by no means claiming to be a  professional photographer,  I love the stories moments captures tell later on. I have to share this particular one. It's just an afternoon in the park on the way home after everyone got done (with choreography  for mama  and school for two scholars).  It meant to be a 10 minute stay, but it turned into 2 1/2 hours of laughter.

I absolutely love the baby-chaning-to-a-little-person stage, and here is why. 

  My personal helper in pushing the stroller. 

MUST participate in every play. I mean - how could anyone miss anything fun, right? 

And that tongue is everywhere ALL. THE. TIME:

See what I mean? 

I kid you not - this tongue stays out 90% of the time.  It also comes with sound effects to accompany it.


As different as they can be at their core, they are one when it comes to girl time

And here is what I mean by "different" : Nadya would not dare to do ANYTHING that is disgraceful to her princess state of mind. I don't think that Yeva got the memo: 

And THIS is the face I look at as that little hand takes off all efforts of my imagination (she has a different opinion as to her hair-do). This face along is worth fixing it 100 times a day:

A very important conversation about a school day - I hope they keep this trust forever.

After 2 1/2 hours no more energy to stick out the tongue.

Well. almost ...

On the menu for this weekend we have :

* apple picking ( last week was a grand failure - the 2 orchards we found didn't allow for self-picking this year) 

* cornbelly's mazes and fun. we made it to the opening last week and , ever since finding this place in NY, halloween traditions became something we look for every fall now. 

* a trip to the canyon. changing foliage in ut is gorgeous. 

and somewhere in between there is a mountain of laundry, 5000+ emails in the mail box from this week, some of which will most likely need to be answered ( this always seems to be the number for me ), and 1001 more thing that will not fit this list. 

Life is just as it is supposed to be. Busy.

whether it is booked or easy-going , I hope you have a great one!

Breathtaking ...

Les Femme MODA: rock and roll