A weekend wrap up...

I thought since there is always a condensed version of the week, it would be a great idea to do a weekend wrap up as well. Why not, right? So, before I post about other things, here are some what-nots of our Friday through Sunday life :

We started our by reading the book of E's choice - which was Vogue ( and Vogue Runway addition) - she liked the "boo-tiful clothes!" Am I in trouble?..

We went to Leonardo. I liked it. Interesting and a good mix of things for adults and kids. I'll post more during the week on it too. This sculpture was fascinating. 

We had tears and smiles. At the same time. What would I not do for these eyes ( or any of the 4 pairs)..

Dancing in the kitchen before a late light dinner. Because that's what kitchens are for, and dinners are much more fun this way. That's our version of bonding over here:

 We had some late nights . These two decided that sleeping was overrated and switched to evening naps. Because who wouldn't want to have an 11 pm play time, right? Their heart melting techniques are working  , though:

And we added a splash of color to the room! I made sure that the wall was not the only one painted. ( best part - he had no idea what was coming ) Though not a finished product, but the process was fun, and I'm liking what I am seeing. 

 I am very excited for the week to start. So much to share and even more to do. I love Mondays.

How was your weekend? Anything fun planned for the week?

PS don't forget to tune in for Les Femme Moda tomorrow, and some awesome announcements!

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