And all about Love?...

I think that everyone should read this article. My friend , actually, Tiffany, was featured in it, in a very sensitive and important topic.

As I read the posts Tiffany had, and then the article, but MOST importantly, the reviews, I could not help, but wonder about the sanity of the people. Do you honestly believe that putting a kid of a slim fast ( that is LOADED with who-knows-what) can possibly be healthy, not even mentioning the PSYCHOLOGICAL trauma that a developing child is experiencing? What happened to our nation? What happened to LIVING healthy ourselves and ALLOWING our children to follow? And then, most importantly of all - what happened to LOVING everyone just the way they are, particularly, when they are YOUR OWN children?!

You all know that I do not believe in love "for greater good". I believe in love today. I believe in love right now. For one simple reason: tomorrow, or even ten minutes from now , it might just be too late. Life is fragile. Unfortunately, we are too slow to understand it, until we face the reality. Love each other. Forget yourself, and give your life to those you love. Treasure your children. They are the shining starts that God lit up. Don't put their pure sparkle out with loaded by human logic reasoning. God is not logical. Love nourishes all.

Make the way.

Excuse me, but!