Ta-da! As promised. A cake. Recipe to follow ( when I have another minute and not typing with my gloves on).

And zee recipe as follows :
3,5 oz white chocolate
3,5 oz dark ( more then 70% ) chocolate
3,5 oz raw sugar
2 eggs+2 egg yolks
1 pint of cream
2 TBSP cognac/brandy
Sugar, eggs and yolks creamed on steam bath until fluffy, then on cold bath ( cold water +ice , or just ice alone), until creamy. Divide in 2 parts. Whip the cream and divide in 2 parts. Melt the dark chocolate ( steam bath) , add cognac/brandy, carefully add chocolate in the first half of egg potion. Add first halt of whipped cream, mix well. The same repeat with white chocolate.
Put the dark chocolate mix in the mold and chill for 10-15 minutes. then add white chocolate mix on top of the dark one. Put the "cake" in the freezer at least for 5-6 hours. Decorate with melted chocolate or fudge, fruit and imagination .
Bon appetit!

PS : makes 6 servings, so plan accordingly :) Enjoy!

PS Snuffles drowned.

If mentioning food , then

Cookie & Cake, or don't bite my apple.