Baby, it's cold outside!

keeping warm

The weather outside has NOT been delightful as of late. As wonderful as seasons are, but anything in extreme measures is not that awesome in my book; though I must admit , it has been somewhat of an adventure trying to figure out how to go on with regular life and activities (many of which require a lot of outside walking time) when it is nice and crispy -2 outside. With hardly any sidewalks properly shoveled.
I'll tell you this. If given a choice between THIS and 108 degrees in September, I much rather do the extreme heat - at least you can go swimming, right? I swore to myself to never, ever, EVER again to wish for colder weather * as i might have been guilty of over this extremely hot summer
On the bright side though, we discovered some de-lisious teas, made a whole RITUAL of how we make and drink it, and read a bunch of awesome books. I am in heaven from the fact that my kids find the books I loved as a child just as fun as I did then ( thought the credit is not mine here. kids would love anything if presented right
The forecast is predicting high 20s this weekend , and we are keeping all our fingers crossed.
Bring it on , heat wave! We NEED you! 
How are you? I have some more fun things to share this week. Check in. You won't be disappointed, promise. 


Food for health

Happy 2013!