Ballerina's best friend : pointe shoes

This is a perfect and very honest video about ballerina's MOST important asset - her pointe  shoes.
 I couldn't have put it better.

Years ago I was approached too by a mature ballerina that told be that my shoes were not good enough for my feet ( though I didn't seem to notice) , and then she gave me a pair that fit better then a glove. I seriously felt like I could fly. That was beginning of my point shoes love story.

 I go through a pair of shoes a day, sometimes , a class, and , often, 2-3 per performance. And, unless, supplied by a company ( which happens in big ones, but not so much in smaller ones, and never in freelancing), usually it's a personal expense. You know the saying " don't blow it all in one place?" , we have a better version : " don't blow it all on the point shoes".

So, in the world of fashion, this is , probably, my biggest obsession yet.

 IF YOU ALREADY DO - WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE MAKER? (i'm definitely partial to Freeds)


Live your dream: Making of a Russian ballerina. Natalia Balakhnicheva

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