Beauty secrets

beauty secrets

I don't know if it is related to the "magic" over 30, but simple beauty tricks is something that has been of my interest last year, and I want to share a few that I learned. 

1.  Moisturize in the morning not at night

Sounds weird but true. I learned that from Dr Hauschka's lecture , but your skin will actually rejuvenate better without extra help - it's too much. I liked it and noticed a difference. 

2. Use moisturizer with SPF and put it on your EYEBROWS!

I may be the only one who never done that before, but this was definitely the first summer I tried it, and let me tell you - this is the first summer my eyebrows are the same color they were in winter.  Plus it's the little extra nutrition that takes boosts the growth. 

3. Let your eyebrows alone for 1/2 a year at the very least.

I listened to a lecture from one of the beauty specialist where he mentioned that MOST WOMEN have their brows waaaaay overplucked. He showed the difference on what a woman think she needs and what ACTUALLY works best for her face proportions. 90% of the time natural eyebrows were JUST what she needed and was looking for ( isn't it ironic? we look for something , beautify ourselves, but it's already "pre-installed" by nature for us. definitely gave me food for thought) . He also suggested leaving your eyebrows to grow on their own for a year. Add a little "fixing" on the ridge of the nose, and to some VERY obvious rebels that grow a foot away from where they are supposed to , but in general - just leave it. He said ( and it's true, I tried) that over time the eyebrows will resume their shape, and fill in naturally. Best advice I ever adhered to. 

Now a little about the beauty helpers I discovered last year:

1. I discovered this moisturizer from a random mention on one of the blogs I stumbled upon ( or pinterest?...) . The price was right, and when I saw it in Target I decided to give it a try. 
So glad I did.  WET YOUR FINGERTIPS before you use moisturizer on a DAMP face - it'll make you miles far and your face won't feel heavy or greasy.  The SPF factor actually WORKS! My face is 20 shades lighter then my arms ( and I do have very light skin too )

2. Natural deodorant. Try it. That's all I'm going to say. I found my in Whole Foods. 

3. BEST face wipes for when you are tired. And cost a fraction of MAC ones. They live on my counter and in my purse.

4 & 5. That taupe creamy shadow disappears on your eyelids, but makes your eyes pop. I'm yet to see a person it did not look good enough on. The whole pallet is a natural beauty must. I love it. 

6. Red lips is my must : instant pick up to entire face especially after a sleepless night ( like 10 years worth. but so happy I have someone to be sleepless for). And it will make a nude face look very modern and fashionable - something that I really need at 7am when I'm off to take kids to school or after sweating all day long in the rehearsal studio, but want to look presentable on the way home. I love this particular red : it's very different and very flattering. 

7. I wash my face with natural soap. I found it to be better for my skin then all the fancy face washes. My skin is actually clean. And it's nicer on my wallet too. 

8. One more 5 minute face trick : eyelashes. This is the only mascara that is NOT waterproof ( i don't like those)  but will stay through rain, snow and tears ( of happiness ) and makes your lashes be 10 miles long! 



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