Bits and pieces from my INSTAGRAM

And here it to making your Friday more fun from our INSTA-life:

 Some big news that happened around here , that we were very lucky to catch on camera. I wish I could put all the grunting that went with it too: 

A very pleasant discovery of a gourmet foods shop by a tip off from a friend. Amazing olive bar, vinegars, and don't even get me started on cheeses: 

And speaking of stores - why not to play baseball at Target, right?  ( no worries, we bought what we played with )

I've discovered an extra hidden pocket for a bottle/needs and an elastic loop in  my Stokke Xplory summer kit . So creative! And I felt so excited it was almost embarrassing. Almost - because it's the best stroller ever, as I get it proven time and time again.  

Speaking of creativity - this is the most creative way of fixing a broken horse leg I've ever seen:

 And THAT is the most creative way of confusing a NON-American mama: I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out WHERE to buy this "happy heart and cheerful disposition". Went to Target and Office Max wondering if this is something we buy for a first grader. European schools take their business VERY serious - we just buy everything, no jokes there ( * is that the reason we are not allowed to smile on our passport/documents too?)

A good hair day always makes you feel better: 

And double so when you have Mickey ( or Minnie)  ears attached:

I'm totally ready for Fall ( and it's 90 degrees outside...). Maybe if I start decorating early it will come? 

If looks could kill, this is it: I thought that woman would catch on fire under the stare she's been given for at LEAST 5 minutes straight ( no kidding! I had time to laugh my *** off, and still take a picture) , after the said woman dared to order to not be loud ( * must say, my child was NOT. And I am not her advocate when it comes to good behavior in public. we constantly ensure kids behave and wish others did too. so this comment to MY child from a woman whose child was all over the place was completely overrated. ) I didn't even have to step in to defend my child - the Manhattan baby came through and the above mentioned woman uncomfortably left after about 5 or so minutes  - those flaming , QUIETLY burrowing eyes would NOT come off her face until she did. 

Talk about a "stare down"! ( and you go my girl! way to stand up for yourself!)

And this little babesicle makes us all smile even on the hottest and most tiring day:


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