Days 3,4 and 5

Are pretty awesome. It is AMAZING how much difference the JUICE makes. I love shoothies, but they are my second best now. Juices are just that much more powerful. I also found a great way of making the goal and still be sane. Juicing EVERY day is just not realistic for us right now : we are WAY to busy, and a good juicer ( and the clean up mostly , knowing that I will NOT be able to
leave without a sparkling home. I just mostly hate coming back home to something that I need to clean. Home is my rest place)

SO. I found that juicing every 2-3 days ( more like 3), is great. I use the glass green bottles to store juice, and since we have the Greenstar juicer, all the enzymes and such are still there. Juicing 3-4 different things makes it really easy to target everyone's taste buds: i just mix more/less of certain ingredient according to the taste.

On the other note : I am very proud of my sissy : her first solo. Self choreographed and performed. She had no school. Diamond in the raw. All I am going to say is , the genes.
( Did I just take credit for this? You bet I did! After all, I was the first to lay the way after the snowstorm... One day I'll post how my dancing life started )

I want a vacation

Today is...