Denim-ology : why skinnies make you skinny

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I've heard about this new trend when it first came out a couple of years ago, the SKINNY. I thought to myself : " It will never stay. A need for a PERFECT body to wear those. No way it will stick around." I remember my sister visiting ( from Europe) and wearing the black skinny, looking fabulous, with me thinking : " She's just lucky to pull that off so well". Well, two ( or was it more) years later it is not only STILL here, but blossoming beyond any expectations. And I finally made it to a store to try a pair on. Very skeptical. Trying ... just because of curiosity AND to prove that "THOSE" jeans/pants/style are a fashion mistake, and that I was right all alone. I put on THE BEST fitting pair of Jbrands I had in my closet, very satisfied with my reflection, put on "try to beat that" attitude and went out. Came into the store, picked up a pair of jeans my size, put it on ( mind you - remember the attitude) , and... could not believe what I was seeing. I absolutely fell in love with the reflection, even though the mirror was not that great, and absolutely had to swallow my own pride. But couldn't do that right away , could I? It was probably just that one pair. So, I crabbed another 10 different variations of different brands and slightly different styles. And THEN I really had to admit that yes, the skinny rocks , because it makes you skinny. Naturally, there must be some rules and regulations to the skinny, just like there is to anything else : the proper length, the width of the opening, the texture and wash : all those , in proper combination will flatter any body.
Some basics are :
* darker wash slims the body down
* ankle length with 12" opening visually narrows the hip
* heavier weight denim with stretch makes the body appear leaner
* heals , even 2", will make you appear like you are the next runway superstar
* cute flats will make you look like modern Audrey Hepburn
* higher rise elongates the body
* looser fitting tops balance out the skinny
* wider hips balance out beautifully with wider opening
* work your boot, there is no more perfect combination, then a skinny and a boot
* try more then one pair of more then one maker

Those are the basic rules of success with skinny for the best fit. The most important one , however is the proper SIZE. We all want to feel that we are smaller, and somehow the number on the size tag is so important ( just like a number on the scale). The TRUTH however, is that it is the REFLECTION that counts. I am not discovering a new land by saying that a fit will make you lose/gain 10 lbs, and it is even more true with jeans. And then doubled , if a skinny.
And again, I'm not going to reveal ALL my secrets here ( true lady, you know. But the true lady WILL confide everything in another lady, so feel free to email), I am going to share one.
For the best fitting skinny, find the smallest size you can squeeze in and still sit down ( zipped up , of course) and THEN go a size up. Jeans stretch, and there is nothing less flattering then a hanging bottom on the skinny. However, nobody wants to see sausage rolls either. There are makers that specifically have styles that target the curvier bodies, therefore no ( or less) alterations needed ( some of those are Jbrand or Joe's jeans). There are makers that will help to create the appearance of a curvier body ( True Religion, Hudson), and then there are brand stores that try to target all ( Gap, Banana, J Crew) . So go ahead, and explore the options. Bring the "I'll give it a try attitude". I promise you will not be disappointed.

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