So, it's been officially the whole time since Yeva's birth that we've been using cloth diapers. I threw in a few disposable to make sure that her cord was not rubbed on ( she had way too small of a bum for what I had on hand. I'll make sure I am prepared better next time) . I love cloth diapering. It IS really easy! I mean , REALLY. Even though I use , basically only 15 diapers ( which means, for those of you that don't know , laundry every day. :) and even then it was not hard at all). I tried several brands : kissaluvs, fuzzy bunz, swaddle bees, hempy's , etc, etc. My FAVORITE ones , I mean absolute favorite ones, are from the Righteousbaby. It is a WAHM, and Ann - the designer and maker - is amazing! I ended up ordering more from her, because, from my experience with cloth diapers, hers are the easiest to use, and the best ones. I thought this time around , when I was pregnant, that I would really want to give it a good try. But , as tried and failed ( unknowingly doing things wrong) , I thought I'd leave this to testing, and then decide on the results. The results : I LOVE , LOVE, LOVE cloth diapers. And here is WHY :

1. I had NO diaper explosions : you know , those newborn ones? And , boy, did she try! Yet, the diapers and covers that we have contained EVERYTHING in place! The only blow-outs we DID have where when I had a disposable on her : pampers.

2. Her bottom has NEVER been red! There are no weird spots on her skin, or anything. To have the same, or actually , close to the same effect, I had to use baby powder with disposables. I use nothing but cloth diapers right now, and her bottom is pinky pink!

3. She has NO marks from the diapers, yet they don't run.

4. She is very comfortable , she is healthy, her bottom looks cute in the diapers, she lets me know when she wants a change right away , sometimes she soaks a diaper immediately, while the other times she waits a little.

5. I can see EXACTLY how much she is eating by how wet her diapers are. Something that is really not possible with disposables in the same way.

6. And , of course : there are no carcinogens, no chemicals that are touching my beautiful babies skin , there is nothing that is transferring into her body. I am AT PEACE that my baby is healthy. Just for kicks - google "WHY CLOTH" and see WHAT they put into disposables

7. The Earth is thanking us. I believe in Karma, I believe in the law of attraction, I believe in universe, I believe in Nature. I know that at least by this little bit I am helping my Mother Nature to breath a little easier, and I am grateful that I can do that.

We are our Mother's children. She gives us so much love by giving us a wonderful place to live on, and so we should return our love back to her.