DId you know that...

May 28th was the day that mayonnaise was invented in France many years ago? Now it is being used in many forms and variations across the world. Make your own today! Just get a couple of eggs, mustard powder and olive oil ( or any sort of oil), add some salt and seasonings, and blend on high until the consistency is the way you like it.

We are on day 9 today. Over all: green smoothies rock. If you haven't tried one , DO. It gives so much energy, lightness to the body, and GLOW to your skin. There is no "perfect' recipe : to each its own. I like mine plain more on the salty side ( with more celery). I just like them that way. My kids REALLY love the thicker sweeter ones ( a bag of greens or bunch of spinach, or arugula or anything. Spring greens are the best, really. Very sweet and tender. Then a couple of bananas. Strawberries. Some frozen berries. Then I add a drop-full of stevia extract -kids. They like SWEET thing ). Did I mention , that smoothies and juice are THE BEST way to get nutrition in?

I also discovered my absolute favorite desert of the moment :
Strawberries, cut in pieces
Walnuts - pieces
Raw cacao nibs
A dropfull of Stevia

Absolutely delicious. Stevia adds a very nice flavor. And with strawberries in season, they are not only sweet and aromatic, but also great priced. Enjoy!

My last bow.

I want a vacation