East and West. Interesting.

As we keep living here, I see more and more interesting differences, that just make me smile.
Take stores , for example.
* Target is a big hit here. Really. People love it. Designers use it. Target has much more value to it then it does in the West. And since there is popularity, there is a much, much better selection. Beautiful selection too.
* Payless shoe is a big hit too :) You know that Fashion night out I wrote about a little while ago? Payless was one of the participants, and it was BUSY there. Made me smile.
* Multitude of sample sale stores. I haven't seen any on the west coast, see them EVERYWHERE here. Ruelala is the online vesion of one. This is the place where you can buy NEW, very expensive things for CHEAP. Example : something that costs $285 for $25, tax included.
* Love for WHITE. Walls, couches, chairs, rugs, etc. I must confess, that my first reaction was "WHAT?! Why would ANYONE want that!" But NOW... I completely fell in love with the beauty of simplicity and pureness of the color, yet the countless variations of shades, making it being truly unique. I never thought I'd say, but I am in love with white.
* Make-up. This deserves a complete post, and I will write one, but until then : minimal appearance, but WELL done. Simply beautiful. This is also the place where you definitely see those "day-to-night" transformations that you read in the style magazines about.
* Lack of fast food places and an abundance of small , authentic restaurants instead, for the same amount. Delicious too.
* People eating at fully set tables for something as simple as lunch or breakfast. I love it. I really do. I missed setting the table completely with napkins and variety of flatwear every day.
I simply love it.
*Love for umbrellas. Beautiful umbrellas. Different style umbrellas. Makes me smile. I simply love this life.

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