If you haven't heard of EMERSON FRY yet, let me introduce it to you. 

Started from fabric flower brooches and table linens, then known as EmersonMade, Emerson Fry's designer  quickly stole many girls' hearts by producing some of the most flattering, chic and modern clothing. Since launching their first clothing line, it appears that E. F. cannot keep enough stock and for a good reason. Jeans that make your legs 1000 miles long and your behind look amazing? They've got it. Timeless pieces that will be a staple in your closet and make you feel a-mazing for years and years to come? Emerson Fry got that too. And now with the introduction of their shoe line - E.F. is a firm number one on my "love it" list. Many have a girl-crush on Emerson , the designer behind the brand, myself not being an exception to it - her personality, health choices, etc resonated well with mine, and I felt that instant "kindred spirit" ( you know what I mean). HERE is a great interview with Emerson, and another peak into her home HERE.

 I first fell in love with , then EmesonMade, skinnies that I received on recommendation of a friend right after having a baby. Let me put it simply - I looked in the mirror and my jaw dropped as my mood lifted by 100 points, and after scoring 10 whooping compliments in 2 hours that I was out, I firmly resolved to order a pair in each color ( there were two more available) and I lived in those jeans ever since. With a name change to Emerson Fry and the addition of the new styles, the fit has only improved and my closet has benefited from a few more key pieces, shoes included. When Emerson mentioned the comfort of her 4" ankle straps, I wondered (because when you are on your feet all day long, you KNOW what a comfortable shoe means) , but she was absolutely right - most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever owned, and incredibly stylish too.  E.F.  is my ultimate go-to for an instant mood booster, whenever in doubt or for anything, really. It's an investment that is definitely worth making.

My favorites from E.F. SPRING collection (  preview here ) are the railroad line, yellow v-heel, all skirts ( aren't those minis adorable?!) and definitely her new jean line. What are your thoughts?
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HAPPY WEEKEND! { plus wishes and reality }