Excuse me, please...

So!.. Speak your voice, hah? I sure did. In a subway.

With the seasons changing, sometimes it is hard to predict what the weather would be like. And I am still too used to UT never fulfilling forecasts to trust what the prediction for the day is. So, naturally, we found ourselves too far from home in not so friendly weather. And while I DID learn to have the umbrellas always, the ENE wind that picked up later was too much for what I was wearing. And since we weren't too far from Justin's work, we decided to wait for him to be done and then just take a subway back home.

Considering the fact that it was the end of the day, the end of the WEEK, RAINY AND it was at the most busiest stations, the train was crowded. We squeezed all 5 of ourselves in. Kids landed squished against the metal handle bars. Right in front of a lovely young man , aged 20 something, who was holding a FAO Schwartz ( toy store ) bag, who , as it appeared , belonged to a family, that consisted of 5 adults : 3 men, 2 women. All were sitting and adoring the children, as kids were getting more and more squished. As even more people piled up over the next few stations, Nadya got literally pressed against the metal bar, RIGHT UNDER the young mans NOSE, and started to cry. The little thing could not move, change positions or do anything. She was literally stuck. The above mentioned family kept staring and talking amongst themselves, pointing at children and smiling at me. While SITTING. And so my patience got left on one of the previous stops, and I approached THE young man. "Excuse me" , he stared at me as if seeing for the first time (until then he very thoroughly tried to not notice that I and the kids were standing in less then one inch proximity from him) , and started to smile ( probably awaiting for something nice). "GET UP!!! You have a THREE year old GIRL, CRYING under your NOSE! ". He tried to mumble something in the reply while STILL sitting on his... ehem... bench. Smiling , I added "NOW". Whether he saw the dangers of being permanently mounted into that bench by one angry mother, or it was the "loving" sparkles bursting out of my eyes that simply can classify as " DEADLY", but the smart young man finally registered I was not kidding , and swiftly ( and wisely) removed himself from the bench ( to small applause and cheer behind my back) and went to stand by his PARENTS and - assuming - brother and sister-in-law ( or the other way around, note: all sitted) , who started to really fast mumble something to each other in either German or Dutch, sniffing angrily ( though justified) at my "Thank you".

I do not now the rules of etiquette in either country, but surely, EVERYWHERE in the world, SQUISHED little children MUST have a seat priority over a HEALTHY adult. Especially when it is a 3 year old GIRL. Especially when the mother is standing right behind her. Especially when she is furious. Particularly, for your own life's sake and safety.

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