First building block...

It took me a long time to compile my thoughts together to really understand and find a way to express as for what all my intentions and desires for this year were forming into. Having a firm foundation of pure Divine Love from God feels empty without building blocks on it. As unexpectedly surprising as life was, it is the difficulty that made me look at everything , again, differently. It was during one of the quiet museum visits that a simple comment lit the spark in my heart that made me understand what it was I could not find the right words to express and describe all my feelings together. This year's building block is Beauty.

As children and I were walking through the Met, it has become very clear after a few visits, that certain areas and exhibitions have different feeling then the others. It was interesting to observe that those cultures that were centered on God had a very different projection. Everything created by them - whether a lock, a key , jewelry or painting were beautiful. Beauty shining through every detail that took great care and dedication. Just like it does to serve Him. Beauty done to praise Him. Beauty that come through Love that inevitably led back to Him , as God is Love. The overpowering sense of His presence is just undeniable.

And yet... although at the same museum this feeling would just as quickly dissipate as we would go into some of the other areas, and also ... those of the modern current. While in no way I was opposed to modern art before, seeing a pile of rusting metal or a canvas of disturbing colors made me feel nothing more but sadness. I realize , more then ever, that , indeed, those works are the expressions of one's mind, life and/or idea. It is sad. So sad to see that the internal world of people of our generation has regressed so much that we see no more hope. That our inner world is composed of rust . That our eyes are covered by black or grim colors. That there is no more dedication or hard work to please Him. More the opposite - desperation. What happened to us? The masterpieces that I see in front of me were not created with the help of the latest computer technology. There were no digital imaging, nor photoshop. There were just hands , eyes and great Love and Devotion. With all the computers, 3Ds, technology we forgot how to LOVE WHAT WE DO and CREATE BEAUTY. We got lost in creating and running after something that we already have. There is no "simple" way to creation. There is no easy way to God. And yet... one can find just as much joy and happiness in the most complex work , project or situation if one finds a way to love it. THEN the product is beautiful.

World - and by that I mean us, people - needs more Beauty. We cannot live without it. The true kind. The one that can only be created through Love, or in other word - through loving God. My dedication and my hope is to bring back what generations before us so diligently created, and what we so carelessly destroyed. I hope to inspire you to do so along.

Beautifully true