Friday Wisdom ...


It seems that the right words appear in my life to record it before I even know it. 

However you turn it, I found all these words inspirational and/or funny. I hope you do to.

So, the 32 hasn't started off very well. 

My birthday hit over the weekend, and I'd probably not even mention it, had I not been reading these quotes 2 hours after I compiled and posted them to realize, with a sad smile,  how much of a complete reflection of my subconscious mind they have been. 

Now , if I could only have the eyes to see it BEFORE the situations arise, my life would be so much more fun and easier.

"Life has many ways of testing by having nothing happen or EVERYTHING at once"?  - yes, thank you. THAT was true.

"Don't tell me sky's the limit, because there are FOOTPRINTS on the moon?" - you betcha I'll be the one climbing to that moon CHECKING if those things I see ARE the footsteps I think they are. Most likely not, but, hey. I need to climb to check it , right? 

"Don't talk about me until you talked to me..." quote? Please, focus on the "challenge" middle part. Because, hey - according to my subconscious ( but not very wise, if going all honest here) self, we're in the fight or flight mode. And since I don't flight, it's a BATTLE. ALL. THE. WAY. Why not, right?

" Be daring, be different, be IMPRACTICAL ..." - perfect! I've excelled at ALL. Except for WISE...

The truth is that from years back I had a rare chance to reconnect with a wonderful person and a great friend.  Something I always wished could be, but never thought could really happen. 

And when it did... it was too good to take it for reality. Insert the " Appreciate what you have , before it turns in what you had" here. Because there isn't really much that I can say in my defense. I'd love to blame it on the lack of sleep, but , typically, I got to keep my brain even at those times. 

And speaking of the sleep... Considering it's 3 am, it's obviously not the "sheep's opinion" that's keeping me up. 

 In my entire life I never wished to turn time back, except for this week. 
I would  LOVE to rewind and start over. To not fear. To trust. And accept. One would think that getting older brings some sort of wisdom through experiences. I had a good share of experiences. But where my wisdom is - that part is questionable. 

I guess one should get up, patch up the holes and keep on going with hopes for best. Except that "one"  is me, and , somehow, it's not that easy and all I want to say,

 in the words of the last quote : 

"we should probably cuddle now"

Doesn't it always solve everything? 
I hope so.

or any experiences i should learn from before they become my own? 

Radu Poklitaru

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