From the outside

I have to say this: it blows my mind to see the reaction of many about Obama being awarded with Nobel Peace Prize. The "what did he do"s and "why does he deserve it"s and "can't believe it"s...

It appears , that the WORLD can see what the CITIZENS cannot : a very gifted and powerful person working very hard to IMPROVE lives. It has always been interesting to see the reactions of people to elections. The United States being one of the largest countries, carries a lot of responsibility for keeping the balance of the world. Peace is one of the MAIN ingredients. Economic stability another one. Naturally, any change in plus/minus direction affect the outsiders before Joe Smith will notice. There was ENOUGH change and influence on the WORLD that the President was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. One would expect people proudly proclaiming that THEIR President won Nobel Peace Prize. And yet... I've never seen such an unhappy "bunch of saints" ( a movie quote), raving left and right that he didn't deserve it, did nothing to improve, etc, etc.

So, let me tell you THIS. As a person who lived in a country that went through 2 recessions in my time, as well as being a part of a union that recovered recently from a major war... To those of you that do not support , or think that Barack Obama is not doing good enough... Next time YOU pick up a fallen apart country, and try to glue it all together WITHOUT a country going through a very major tragedy and/or crash - for the SAKE OF THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN IT, and , actually, make the glue STICK, tell me , and all of us that DO support Obama , your feelings when those people you are sweating over , walk around rumbling that you really didn't do that much. And about HOW much there is to do... Check yourself into the nearest library, pick up a World History book, find a section on recession , read and compare. I guarantee, your eyes will open a little wider.

It is sad that a nation that is so proud to be "American", does not support a Person ( yes , P capital) that is the BEST representation America could have nearly as much as he deserves.

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