anti-morning sickness life-savers

If you are one of the lucky ones who does not get morning sickness during pregnancy, count your very lucky stars. Genetic or not, but it seems that all women on my side of the family do not have it easy, and neither has it ever been a smooth ride for me. From my personal experience , it does not matter whether it is a natural approach only, medication help or hypnosis/relaxation , I still get sick, often to the day the baby is born.

Each pregnancy is very different, but I found that these "anti-morning sickness life-savers" have helped me every time to keep my head above the water.

 * ginger - lemon tea 
 You can buy the ready-made packets, I personally found that fresh ginger root + a slice of lemon infused with boiling water do a much better trick for me. I also do mine in a thermos early morning, so I have access to it whenever I feel like throughout the day and don't have to bother making it at that "very it" moment. A little more about ginger tea in pregnancy.

*raspberry leaf - mint infusion 
This one also can be bought it already measured packets or bulk. Mine is bulk simply because I use so much of it + fresh mint. I do not like sweet taste and much prefer raspberry leaf natural soothing and slightly tangy taste, but should you wish to sweeten it, adding a spoonful of honey to HOT beverage will make it taste delicious. I also make a large batch of this infusion in the morning, and keep some in the fringe and some with me in my water-bottle. This is my "water", literally. Play with proportions - I like mine less strong then more, but everyone is different. More on raspberry leaf tea benefits here.

* grapefruit 
The ultimate life-saver when nothing else stays in. Lot's of benefits and helps with very much needed proper digestion. Here are a few ways to can eat it, if you need ideas.

*green juice
This is my daily "must". I found that it makes me feel a wee-bit better and nausea somewhat more manageable. If it's one of those "nothing-stays-in" days, I at lest feel better knowing that a good portion of nutrition got to my system and the baby ( since juices absorb much faster)  before it ... you know.. evacuated itself. My juice is a savory combo of cucumber, spinach, parsley, celery and cayenne. But you really need to find what works for you - some ideas here.

* mineral water with wheatgrass ice cubes
An OB recommended me sparkling water with my first pregnancy and I still praise his name every time. Do make sure it is natural - not artificially carbonated. Not only natural is full of minerals,  artificial carbonation also makes things only worse ( go figure)  Through experimenting I found "my" brand of water. Trader Joe's is my friend for that - it's the cheapest there. I add 1-2 cubes of wheatgrass juice: makes it taste better for me + additional nutrition. You can buy cubes pre-made at a health food store, or make your own - it's super easy and takes about a week for grass to grow. Just soak wheat, seed in a pot and watch it grow. If you make your own, grow a bunch at the same time, because the wheat grass won't give you much juice. 2-3 cookie sheets of grass will give your about 12-16 oz of juice.

* rose oil
Ridiculously expensive, but the PURE scent of rose helps. I'm sure google has the answer why, but I'm just happy with the results.  This one works for me.

*eco-dent tooth powder
The ultimate absolute must. I think many can relate to gagging on your toothpaste. I found this powder on absolute accident in desperation and has not looked back since. Worked magic for me - I am actually looking forward to brushing my teeth and the ultra-clean feeling it leaves my mouth with.


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