Well, out of 1000 and 1 thing, we did , actually do a few. I have pictures for some to show now, and more fun to share later ( I still have 3 film canisters awaiting development... need TIME!).

  Here is how we play on weekends:

A toy store trip. LOVE Blickenstaff's , their vintage toys and candy, and the fact that they actually let you PLAY with their toys. Make sure you stop by when you are in the area. As you can see, those few people actually applied that principle. Peter Pan is my favorite. We even set the trend ( i'll tell you later, when I have more pictures) 

this is a girl. i swear. 

i loved his pirate's eyes interpretation. 

do you think he's ready? wherever it is he's going...

he really was into fashion.

 not sure SHE approved: 

and this sign made think immediately : "... and to the lost luggage!" *anyone else with similar experience? i think they need to make it a slogan : Air France - we'll lose your bags!*

who said pink is for girls?! boys rock it better!

on a walk - blue eyes and my make-shift double Xplory stroller.

after bowling. they were really into whatever they were watching. it was a game?!

a play ground at sunset in a newly discovered park ( after a year living in the neighborhood!) and a little preview of some LFM.

 I love active rest, although a rest-on-the-couch-with-a-book coma sometimes is very welcome too. I usually save those for rainy days ( as will be plenty, i'm sure). 



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