I love my mornings ...

I love my mornings. 

Time always seems to rush much faster then I want it to allow. It seems that just tomorrow there will be enough hours to get the projects done, the laundry caught up,  floors re-polished, and so on. And then , the next day's evening rolls around, but there are just as much, if not more, things that are screaming for attention. 

Time wasn't kind to me while I was learning that no matter how many hours I have, every minute can be devoted to work, career, chores - anything really, and there will never be enough of daylight ( or nighttime) to coordinate with Life's needs. Unless Life is put first. By Life I mean that which truly matters. 

I said it many times before and will again : I wish I had a time turner. 

I would care less if my mirror kitchen tiles were mirror-like.  I wouldn't worry whose schedule I mess up by arranging mine.  I would cut down on working hours ... I would change so many things... I wish I could. 

My laundry pile now is ... everlasting. But my mornings are great. 

We send the "learning crew" off to study and then we wonder. We always have some books on hand ( see that backpack? it doesn't leave home without a friend and a book or two. and the backpack MUST come. you know - how can it not when a brother and a sister have one?!) , some food and some imagination. 

The weather has been kind enough for us to often take the trail into the canyon and smell delicious air, pick the acorns and gather some leaves. Have you ever been to a forest after the rain? It's magical. The smell. The droplets of rain on the leaves. The spiderwebs ( although i'm not a fan of hosts themselves) 

I cherish this time. I learned so much about my little girl, that gets lost among the energies that surround her - the older two and youngest one. Three always-going-never-stopping explosions overbear her. Until this time when we are - almost , with sleeping baby - alone.  She is so kind. So curious. And her imagination blows me away. To say that I am honored to be by and humbled by her is to say nothing at all.  

Whether it is the age that makes me - hopefully - wiser, time or experience, I do not know.
But I will take it whichever way it comes.

The fascination with the "crystals".  Do you want to know how many rocks are currently stored in my kitchen drawer? more then I can count at a glance. This one was magical. It now lives with us as well. 


Acorns are another "must".  Have you made acorn people with them when you were little? I have!
We've created a whole little village of 6 families from some clay, acorns and leaves. 

Her favorite storage place. I love finding all sorts of things at night - from rocks to pine cones - tightly packed in the outside pocket. 

And , yes, I'm a big fan of those polka dot bloomer-style shorts. oh, to be three again...


When money ....

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