If mentioning food , then

I should say that we absolutely been loving the winter season for the multitude of veggies. Although, technically zucchini is a fruit, I still love the less sweet taste and some wonderful things that can be done with it.
Here is one of them :
2 large zucchini
4 oz feta cheese, nut cheese, brie, farmer's cheese
Green onions, dill, few "cherries"
Cut zucchini in half. Scoop the inside part out. Cut and mix with your version of cheese. Cut cherry tomatoes and fill the zucchini boats back up. Then you can either send them to a dehydrator for 5-6 hours, or into the oven ( if you want them baked), depending on the cheese, from 20 to 45 minutes. Decorate, and make sure to not eat the plate.

Dying Laughing...

And the cake