Fall is here. I wish the changing colors stayed on longer. 

First time exploring Sundance - I think she liked it.  

Halloween fun has officially started and we have officially hit it on the first day  ( yeah!) 

Stokke MyCarrier saved my back again. and I think by looking at this happy face ( waaaaay past the bedtime!) it's clear she was comfy too.  Best baby invention yet. But you already knew that.

sometimes it's tough to be so curious and .. so little...

the fourth friend that has been coming with us everywhere lately.

to be little again ... she is so excited for Christmas decorations that suddenly popped up everywhere.

two friends that are together everywhere - whether it is trouble making... 

...or movie watching ...

... or sharing the one and only macaron...

making use of every minute : homework , work and fun at one table 

And this is my absolutely favorite capture of all times. I think it's safe to say she's not that fond of the new addition to the interior. What do you think? 

Fun facts about dance

Fun Facts