Interesting thought

Ok. Just a little thinking and realizing. Our tastes have changes SO MUCH. I remember, last year I came across David Wolfe's stuff. I found the chocolate, that was absolutely raw. Cost $10 a "heart", but is was raw, but looked and felt like cooked. We bought some, loved it. This year our health food store "Real Foods Market" decided to carry it. We were SO EXCITED! While I could always buy it online, I never really got around to it. So, yesterday we made it be our treat day, and bought 4 hearts. And.... We were very disappointed! I guess, we became better chocolate makers ourselves! LOL :):):) Or , maybe , we got over excited and expected more. Or maybe , we just don't like chocolate any more so much. I know that the recipe didn't change a bit. Don't get me wrong , it is good. We just didn't like it so much any more. I love the chocolate candies that we make ( the recipe is in earlier posts) much, much better. Well, the kids love it anyway. LOL. Kids and candy. What can you say. :)

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