Well, here comes Tuesday again. I apologize for my disappearance. I am back in full bloom, so expect posts every day ( or even more often!) .

Jeans. The love , the hate, the must-have. One thing to remember ALWAYS , that there is NO such thing with jeans and "this brand is in, and that brand is OUT". The brand that is IN in the one that fits you BEST. Just that simple. However, there ARE some very much wanted illusions that different styles and brands can create.

The LOVE :
High waist. We are not talking the "Mom jeans". We are talking a very sophisticated , WELL CUT ( a MUST) and TAILORED ( if needed ) jean. High waist gives the illusion of uber-long legs, and paired up with high heals is simply to die for. The styles that fit well :

WHAT :18th amendment jeans. WHY : hight waist, fitted through the hip, and slightly flared from the mid-thigh , making the hips and waist appear uber-slim and giving the illusion of amazing hour-glass frame, even to a boy-ish body type.

WHAT : Jbrand Doll. WHY: fitted through the hip all the way to the knee, flared from the knee.
While a tricky cut and can really add weight to the frame, the way JBrand does it is beautifully. The jeans pull everything in, while creating an illusion of very, very long and slim frame ( that is what I loooove jbrand for as well). Another tricky part. While often jeans will stretch and loose the original shape, jbrands do not. A must for this style ( or any for that matter). The bell bottom balances out hips beautifully, and the 70s kind of vintage feel to these is unbeatable.
Definitely a "love".

Stay tuned , more to come later today. Until then , here are some fun tips:

Booty Beauty Tips:
*Look for a stretch denim with a fitted waist.
* Stick to darker washes that have an all-over slimming effect.
* Many denim manufacturers make a specific style to flatter a shapely butt with a narrower waist. Find out which cut is right for you in the brand you desire.

Flat Bum Tips:
* Try a tapered leg or skinny jean to make your bum more noticeable. Siwy is a hot denim line to try.
* Even a small kitten heel will add curves to your profile, a tall heel will work wonders.

* Flap pockets will add dimension, try True Religion, Frankie B. or Hudson flap pocket styles

One other fun site to explore is Couture Candy. They have a very wide selection of jeans, organized by "interest". Have fun!

Jeans continued. Don'ts

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