I've decided to dedicate Tuesdays to jeans. Simply because I want to.

I will not go into details of how, but I can safely say that over the years I've become an expert of different brands, styles, fits, etc. There is nothing like a good pair of jeans that can boost one's confidence up ( and the other way around, btw). So, my knowledge of jeans fall into that "one of the few secrets of a lady" category. And while there are many that choose not to wear jeans because it is simply not their style, more and more doors are opening for the "good ol' sailor's attire". Just about 50 years ago one would not even think about pairing up the "blues" with the pumps or stilettos , and we all know where those are invited to.

So, for today, just a simple little statement. While we'll discuss more of different styles and design, pro and cons, and how-to's, I want to leave you with SOME knowledge, just in case if you are desperate to buy a pair before next Tuesday.

J brand. I love Jbrand for many reasons, and the first one is the fit. These are the jeans that look good on anyone: longer legs + leaner frame = girl best friend. Another reason : among the styles and designs , there is a good variety to satisfy the need, whether an office, a vacation or a night club.You know that trend for pencil jean? And that makes YOU look better then a model from a runway? Check. "Skinny" that makes you look the same? Check. Vintage-like bell bottom? Check. Size : from the smallest to the tallest, from skinny to curvy. And ALL make you look FABULOUS. Oh, and the best one : want the non-pregnant maternity jeans?! CHECK!

I have not really paid attention to them at first, as they seemed ... mmm... boring . That mist , however, evaporated the moment the button closed. Definitely worth MY time and attention.
These are my personal favorites:

But then again there are these with super-cute zippers:

Or these military button accents:

Oh, and did I mention Sam Edelman shoes? Well, have fun!

Mommy. Stylish.

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