Well, it seems that we haven't been loving Le Marais cafe for no reason ( won't mention any nutella croissants here at all, or peach cream puffs , or artisan bread - all are worth flying across the world for),  and girl's French lessons had its influence too. Amazing food, wonderful company and great French culture somehow manifested itself even in the baby girl nursery. Oilo Studio for Stokke Sleepi was the keystone that the French-themed baby girl nursery built itself around.

Through a good friend lead, I stumbled on the Wall Sticker Company's Ruby Red Shoes series and fell in love with it. It's different, it's interesting, and I am happy to present to you our version of "Joie de Vivre" in the baby room execution. It is not quite 100% complete - we always reserve a few things until right before the birth - but this is as good as it gets for now until the baby girl is in my arms:

** those little letter trains have been our favorite for a while after discovering them at Sprout San Francisco. i am confident E will steal them in the morning , though **

**a little world of happiness for the one that makes life worth living **

** the sheet set that started it all . and even though i typically steer away from pink, this set had my heart. if you are on a lookout for beautiful crib sheets, Oilo Studio has a lot to offer. The sheets are 300 count, and the skirt is cotton canvas - nice and heavy weight; there is a pillow option if you like those and a mini-size for Sleepi mini is optional as well. all machine washable ( you will be surprised how many of the fancy sheet sets aren't !) **

** all of the baby and mama necessities hidden in this cleverly design Oeuf mini library. apart from beautiful design, it's city-apartment extra friendly: narrow profile, yet fits EVERYTHING and more. i have more then enough swaddling blankets, nursing necessities stashed in the cloth bins ( another big favorite ) , and there is much room to spare for everything else that will be added on as needs arise **

** soft, organic, tiny and out-of-this-world adorable clothes. the fact of a new baby coming soon finally sunk in and I can't wait to put this doll-like layette to good use **

** one of my faithful Petunia is ready and waiting, summer design in hopes of convincing summer to actually stay in SF for longer then a day. also: can't have a baby room without latchy catchy. one of the best discoveries made this year **

** washed, ironed and folded. Nadya and I had the time of our lives oohing and aahing over this part. on the other note - i completely don't believe in gender-specific colors :) all our boys wore pink and girls are destined for blues too. besides, one's got to stock up on the side-snap stripes!  **

** a new addition to the baby-gear family that i cannot take my eyes off. i have a very soft spot for baby gear that can fit in any modern living room design without "crushing the party" . bloom coco lounger definitely knows how to party in style **

** Vasilisa's personal little peace of heaven. she asked a few times if the baby "can come sooner?" today . while i certainly hope that the answer will remain "no", her excitement is heartmelting to my mama-heart. also, because my instagram was overflowing with questions about the wall-paper after i posted a picture of a little peek into the room, i will answer the most FAQs here. the Wall Sticker Company is based out of Australia, they have a fantastic selection , in my opinion, of different decals, murals and wall papers, but unlike other companies that I came across, products from this one are fabric adhesives that CAN be repositioned and reused over and over again ( and it's true, it really can be - we experienced it ourselves, as i may have changed my mind a time or two as to where I wanted the accent wall to be). the installation is easy - very easy, which is a rarity too. the order arrived to me within 10 days or so of placing, which is very fast, considering they print to order. the shipping is a little more then I would have liked it to be, but the product and the end result are so worth it, I would highly recommend it to all and everyone **

**we are ready for you when you are, little Beauty. but don't hurry too soon **

** in this post: Ruby Red Shoes wall mural - The Wall Sticker Company; crib  - *Stokke Sleepi ; changing table - *Stokke Care; sheets - *Oilo Studio; changing bags - Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay Satchel in *Evening Blooms and Sashay Satchel in Succulent Garden; shelf - Oeuf mini-library via *Sprout San Francisco ; baby rocker - *bloom coco lounger via Sprout San Francisco; name trains letters - Sprout San Francisco; blankets - *Stokke knitted blanket, aden & anais swaddles and wool hooded blankets via Sprout San Francisco; baby organic layette - *Kate Quinn Organics, Kate Quinn for Sprout San Francisco, Under the Nile, Sprout exclusives, *Petunia Pickle Bottom**['/.

**asterisk : c/o