Juggling it all. With Style.

So many times I get asked if "ALL 3 of the kids" are mine. I always smile, say "yes" and forget about it. Yesterday we needed to take a "feeding break" on the way home from the market. Considering the weather, instead of a usual bench in the park, we went for "Lord & Taylor"'s women's lounge. There, again, I was asked the same question. Maybe it is the fact, that I had nothing else to do, but feed the baby and think, so for the first time the question "how do you do it will all three and still doing other things?", actually stayed with me.

For the first time after I smiled, I didn't forget about the question. How DO I do it? The truth is... I don't know. Because, just like everyone else, I get those "didn't sleep a minute" nights, and "want to duct-tape your mouths for fighting" moments, and "really don't feel like LIVING today" days... The secret? There is no secret. The only things I DO know is that... having a walk outside, stroller or sling, makes it be much more worth it, after we come back with a bag full of not only produce , but a bunch of leaves and rocks for "the project". Or that when it downpours and when the wind rips the umbrella away, I am totally justified to cry - make up will run fast even without tears, but I can always blame the rain. And park benches are 100% comfortable after a sleepless night.

And then... No matter what, with the 4 inch high boots on to perk up the concentration from a sleepless night ( keeps you quite awake , you see), bright red lipstick ( for more concentration practice. it's just the small things that can get blamed on the rain), and a shoulder bag ( to keep your patience up to date. Since it keeps sliding all the time) , nobody will ever suspect that you, just like everyone else, are a normal person. So, just let them marvel. In style.

Recipes. How-to.

I know and I love