July 4th in San Francisco




As of 2013, the Fourth of July has multiplied its significance for our family a millionth-fold. A picture above has absolutely nothing to do with the personal part ( but everything with a traditional) , since a term "independence" has taken another meaning for Evyianne as of 356 days ago ( then) , and I truly do not believe it has been the entire 12 fabulous months since he joined in our absolutely crazy-fun , traditionally un-traditional family. There are so many sweet and tender words that one can say, and I won't bore you with them, but should Ev ( will that stick for a short name?! because he's been an absolute 8 letter Evyianne for the last 12 months, until I typed the two letters and sort of liked it) ,  read this one day - just know this:

My dear son,

You are the most adored baby that ever walked ( or crawled ) the planet Earth. Whenever not in your stroller, you sleep in our arms, because we are too hesitant to put you down and miss a moment looking at your luscious face. Your sleepy eyes, your mile long eye lashes, your round cheeks and cupid-bowed duck lips are too much and we gaze at you for hours. In your 12 months of life you have indeed perfected the science of charming to the "T", and even on the most overcrowded MUNI bus your contagious smile never fails to spark the light of happiness on passer-by's face. You are the air we all breath, and although we ARE worn out by the end of the day ( you never , not once , remained still whenever you are in a blissful state of non-sleeping. we figured you have two modes: "high" and "sleeping" ) , there is one constant fight that is happening in our quarters of the San Francisco: who gets to play with you and whose turn it is to push the stroller today. You brought so much love to us. You filled our lives with happiness to the brim. We love and cherish you dearly.

May God bless every minute of your life. Always. As you do ours.

Since 4th of July fell on a Friday, we had a weekend for celebrations, and we have done our part well. With exploratorium to start the journey off with, we took our way through Chinatown for some lunch, and then retraced our steps back to Pier 39 for amazingly fun and confusing labyrinth to fill up the time gap before boarding the Alcatraz cruisers for the finest views of fireworks. Now that we have twice the cause, we decided to try a different way of watching fireworks and we just may never go back. There are very few things that can compare to the magic of firework show through the San Franciscan fog.


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^^ we tried to explain Evyianne the significance of July 4th. I think we'll need to take a raincheck next year or so...^^




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^^ this labyrinth was the FIRST I actually got lost in. and it was pretty awesome. until 30 or so minutes passed and we had NO idea how to get out. i have never been more thrilled to see the entrance again ( we never made it through the maze ) , even if i understood with my conscious mind that we wouldn't have really been lost ^^


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^^ small "everything" shops in chinatown are the best, aren't they?! ^^





^^ somewhere in between getting food and waiting to pick up boarding tickets, the fog came in and we got frozen. and since they asked about "alcatraz clothes" forever, we figured it was a pretty good reason, and then laughed when we all ended up matching, even though one ( ehem - me)  of us came pre-dressed in "alcatraz uniforms". But then who doesn't love some stripes? ^^





^^ the best seat to enjoy the concert. quite literally ^^






^^ the foggy Alcatraz ^^





^^ the birthday boy. he has the best time of his life. which , in turn, made our lives that much more happy ^^







^^ quite cold to see outside, and not as magical through the 28mm lens as in real life, this fireworks show was the best one of our lives. period. ^^




seen in the post: stroller - stokke Scoot. baby carrier - stokke MyCarrier. hat and booties - Zutano. baby jacket - Zara. bag - Petunia Pickle Bottom.