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A little while back I told you that I had some exciting news to share. 

I've collaborated with one of the amazing companies, and am a co-founder of an amazing online fashion, style, beauty and related news magazine. 

I have not sleeps in WEEKS ( months more like it) , working on everything for the design of the site, meeting with web designers, meeting with FASHION designers  * i know! how awesome is that!* , traveling, signing contracts, sifting through the copious amount of blogger responses who want to be featured, etc, etc.

Today is the big day, as I am to represent the magazine at the mingle event.

This event came as a last minute,  and I'm running , making last minute final checks , proofs, etc. To be honest, we were not planning to be ready THIS soon ( and we are not) , but the first , VERY first pages are going up RIGHT NOW as I type, and , while the final design will be finished later this week, I hope it still gives you a good idea of how amazing this magazine will be as it grows.

All I can say, we have AMAZING plans for it. 

That's the name?.. I'll tell you later! Make sure you follow Living Notes on twitter!

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