Les Femme MODA: rock and roll

gstar skirt

I'm really loving the H&M collection this season. From colors to designs it resonates very well with myself at the moment. Nearly everything in the collage  ( with the exception of a skirt and a silk top) is a very budget friendly H&M contribution to the fashion world, and I personally think it's fabulous. 

I have to be honest - as a constantly running mom-on-the-go, skirts are not a dominant in my wardrobe. And can't forget dance lessons and choreography ( where more often then not I only change the shoes ) , stretch denim and leggings are my best friends. But I DO love all types of skirts and dresses, and - for now - let my ideas come to life on my girls ( and there are three!) and here.

*Fun fact: it may be hard to believe, but as as child and young girl, I did not wear much pants. Actually, the very first pair of jeans that my mom got me was meant for a boy,  and I was 10 years old then. It didn't phase me much, and those jeans got only worn once or twice. The cultural expectation for "girls wear skirts" was not a joke. And neither are they kidding about rebelling from traditions.

Are you a jeans/pants person or a skirt girl?