Life and Emotions

It's nothing new. Absolutely nothing. It's just one of those things where the light bulb finally sparks. I always new that emotions are a huge part of life. I always tried to follow, but I guess it is one of those really truly realization things - unless it clicks 100% , you don't understand the meaning of it. Struggling with the doctors, I called Rachel ( thanks Veronica). And lots of things made sense. She mentioned Louise Hay. I LOVE those books. Have several , read them all, thought how great they are, and somehow never learned to apply it... Why is that? The time must have been wrong then. One thing that Rachel said - and I totally believe and agree - is that there is no perfect ONE way to health and happiness : there is no such thing and a perfect diet - and you are healthy. It's a combination of spiritual, emotional and physical states. Now - is this new? NO. But do we really realize that? No. I am very grateful that the light turned on for me, finally. I believe, that we have our energy channels - call it how ever you want, there are so many names for it - that we communicate with divine beings whom we are going to become some day. I believe, that those channels can be blocked so easily too. And then all those 3 states are interdependent : when you have a better spiritual sense , you emotions are better , your diet is better. When your emotions are out of whack, what happens to your diet? and then spiritual being? Yeah... Does a situation like being really upset , eating a ton of "really not supposed to" stuff, and then beating yourself for it sounds familiar? I kinda doubt that after "pigging out" one would sit and say to him/herself " I am so great! i love myself! " Much stronger opposite is much more likely to occur ( to say it soft :)). So, here is the pattern, a triangle, all interconnected : spirituality, emotions, physicality. Does not matter in what order, but all need to be in balance.
One thing that Rachel said made my jaw dropped. My baby is wrapped in the cord, bad enough to cause a concern. When I mentioned it to her, she said " The reason the baby is wrapped from emotional point of view, is not because the baby is afraid to come into the world ( the logical explanation would-be). It is because the mother , somewhere deep inside, is rejecting the baby, or the fact of the pregnancy, or something that the baby and/or pregnancy is causing". I was speechless. As much as this is a VERY much wanted baby, and this is a VERY much wanted pregnancy, and I LOVE this baby dearly and worried about her all the time, there were so many times that I exclaimed " I HATE being pregnant! Why did I do it again? Why can't I just have a normal, worry-free pregnancy", etc, etc. And the more I thought about it - I did the same thing with my second pregnancy. But NEVER with the first. I loved every minute of it - from throwing up all 9 months, to contractions, to uncomfortable nights, etc, etc... My son was born early and unexpectedly , but you could not tell - 7 lb, perfect baby. My daughter was born just a couple of weeks sooner ( due to cord) - and despite of all the preparations , all the shots to mature baby's lungs, all the observations I had to do, she struggled. And a lot. One would think the opposite should have had occurred. And here is the answer to my question " Why while this is by far the most healthiest pregnancy that could have happened , there are so many uncontrollable problems? ". Those problems can be controlled, can be changed. It is something that one cannot physically prove , but that is why it is an emotional and spiritual state. We all know God lives. But prove it.

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