this week was an eventful one. feels like from friday to friday it's been a MONTH , not a week. 
when Vasilisa got sick, i thought to myself that there is nothing worse then a sick baby ( and there isn't really), until i got sick on top of it. i think nothing is worse then a sick mom AND a sick baby, because it's misery galore : neither i nor any of my girls "do" the sickness well. but at least on the bright side, it was only me and the littlest one ( i counted my lucky starts about 100 times each day. because that is NOT a typical occurrence when you have kids close in age), and once we got better the world started to look multicolored again.
which is exactly how we like it.

here are a few snaps to document our happenings throughout the week: 

^^ we moved here because of DRY climate and WARM winters. you can laugh now. 
(though all locals keep telling me it's not typical. i hope so) ^^

^^ best entertainment i had in a while. they are dancing to my "midsummer" recording.
my heart melted 100 times ^^ 

^^ and then i was treated to this on the day i surely thought i'd die ( fever is not my friend)
they did not plan it, but seriously for a minute or so were extremely synchronized in 
rolling around. cute bums in the air that followed made me laugh ^^

^^ the little belly is growing ^^

^^ latest craving. i decided that pregnancy is the most treacherous thing. i have ALWAYS craved
mandarins in first trimester. but never had them ready available to me in summer time. 
i was SO HAPPY that NOW i'd get to have as much as my heart desires.
except i crave STRAWBERRIES instead of mandarins. 
go figure. ^^ 

^^ sick little kitten on my bed. luckily, just for one day ^^

^^ this is what happens when mama doesn't notice that someone snatched a cookie 
from a sample table ^^

^^ but she balances it out well. never leaves the house without a nice stash of apples^^

^^ i was sewing ribbons on. she came to do the "inventory", and then spent an hour in her
happy place. i'm sensing a little dancer here ^^

^^ bundled up and ready to run some urgent errands. during nap time. 
counted my lucky stars again for kids that agree to nap on the go^^


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