life lately has been wonderful. 
much as the little person can turn your world around ( let's just say for the first outing it took me four hours to get everyone ready and out. four.), i have never experienced so much love around me, and am desperately trying to soak every little bit.
 at the start of the pregnancy i was worried, very worried, how the new addition would affect those that are older. i was worried about jealousy, worried about their feelings, worried about the effect a new baby would have on their lives. i worried in vain. i expected all sorts of scenarios and read 1001 book, listened to more experienced moms, my own mom, and created plans a-z. what i didn't expect was the endless amount of selfless and absolute love that poured from those four little hearts enough for everyone, from Evyianne and me to the whole and entire world around them. i can honestly say that i think their love and sincerety is the most rewarding gift - after their lives - that as a mother and a person i could ever wish for. i hope and pray they carry it through theirs lives and on forever. 
 crazy or not, but we cannot keep stationary for too long, and so we've gotten ourselves ready for a little outing when Evyianne was grand total almost two days old. Nothing too grand but a little walk around the neighborhood as a crew of five was new to us and much more exciting for the little ones then I would have ever imagined. Since making it "far" or to any populated areas ( newborn hibernation syndrome, you know) was not our object, indulging in every little "hi, baby boy!" and "can I see baby boy, pleeeease?.." and "i love you baby boy" seemed to be just the thing to do.
^^ "baby boy, are you ok?"  and "can i see the baby boy?" came every two minutes, no kidding ^^

^^the oldest and the youngest. evyianne could not have wished for a better brother - so much love. i can already see nikola teaching chess once evyianne stays awake more ^^
^^ always looking for food. for baby boy, of course ^^
^^ no words. we love him so, so much ^^

^^ a free little bird. her independence level has sky-rocked lately ^^

** stroller : stokke CRUSI in a double ( with a carry cot and sibling seat ) configuration. we love it - read here, here and here why. diaper bag : jj cole collection satchel in newest charcoal infinity. if dark is not "your" pick - this and this colors are very awesome too! blanket: aden + anais in bamboo (those are the softest for the baby's skin)  **

Moments to remember { as instagrammed }