^^ a little frog on a walk. resting ^^

It seems like I blinked and October has flown by. I have about 100 posts in drafts that I have started to publish, but haven't completed yet. I hope you forgive my lack of presence here over the last several weeks and understand my desire to spend every second with one of my dearest loved ones. Long distance living plus large family multiplied by intensive work schedules from everyone's side equals to rare visits, so any time when someone comes to visit, it is a luxurious treat. Much as we plan, the reality is ... we never know exactly when the next time seeing each other happens.
 I have a lot of catching up to do and lots of news to tell, so here is to the first part. This post is a portion from my Instagram feed, which is , as one of my great friend's said , a true version of mini blogging. I do love it very much.

^^ the mini-ritual for every morning lately. she talks to every picture, but particularly to the pieces made by her and other little ones. i love kids' art - it makes me smile every time i see a picture signed "for mommy" ^^

^^ best friends on one chilly saturday morning. sometimes i think we should have a dog. and then i count the children, two hamsters, one guinea pig, a cat and a fish, and re-think it ^^

^^ the beauty from the mountains ^^

^^ this picture is one of the very few of my second half and hence is my favorite ^^

^^ the beautiful mother nature from the plane ^^

^^ my number one favorite travel companion. can't beat the PramPack - created in cooperative design effort with airlines and specifically targeting the aircraft baggage handling and travel to protect your stroller in the best way possible. it has never failed me, and you can gate-check it too! ^^

^^ my faithful travel companion number two. you will be amazed to know that this jj cole collections satchel held the necessities of 5 days for a baby, plus some of my things too and kept me stylish ^^

^^ an absolute terrible quality picture, but it was taken specifically at the request of one of the airport crew workers, wanting to have a record of a step-by-step action. he absolutely loved the PramPack and i thought i'd share the beauty and ease of it here with you as well ^^

^^ the squeaky toys can be that surprising ^^

^^ though always a small-bed person,  i thoroughly understood the concept of a king size bed: the king can sleep and his attendees don't have to resort to the floor option. i now want a california kind ^^

^^ just getting his morning dose of classics. ballet was on the menu that day. he seemed to like it ^^

^^ fall. leaves. two years old. enough said ^^

^^ for better or for worse, but ikea is one of my favorite creative outlets ^^

^^ it's crazy to think that when we did a photoshoot for Solly Baby, this little bambino just signed his 9 months long "lease" ^^ 

^^ i swear by this magic blanket. all i have to do, is wrap him. the stokke magic never fails^^

^^ the very important job of guarding the cookies. and ice cream too ^^

^^ fall beauty is breath-taking ^^

^^ the place where we stop often to throw rocks. it's a tradition now in our very non-traditional family ^^

^^ my lunch date. there are times when i wish for the little ones to never grow up, but that day i loved how much of a real life conversation we had together. i am looking forward so much to the future ^^

A peek into our life : my birthday from San Francisco

Because I love you, now and always.