Little bits of life around here...

last couple of weeks have been a little bit of a roller-coaster around here. sometimes i really want to imagine ( and i do ) what it would be like to actually live your life as you plan it, maybe for a short period of time. but the realist in me knows better then that, and i have to admit i'd most likely be the first one to get bored with a simple and planned out life. so, roller-coaster it is, next time i simply need to remember to buckle up tighter.
thank you for all your thoughtful notes , emails and comments - we ( as in the baby and i) are great. i can't wait to see the little face and hold a little person in my arms but i am sincerely grateful for pregnancies that last as long as they are supposed to. exciting as it may seem to have a baby early, having experienced a preemie birth, i am happy to mark off any extra day from my long 40 week calendar. 
we are back to sharing and posting regularly. i appreciate your support and readership more then i can express. what started here as my little space has grown into something completely unexpected, bringing most amazing people to my (and all of ours) life. a big thank you again. 

here is a little bit of snaps of daily life from instagram:

^^ my instant mood booster. a smile and a high-five every 30 seconds may not get me far destination-wise, but it surely is worth the stops ^^

^^ who doesn't need to stop and smell the roses?! ^^

^^ taking advantage of last few days of being the upper-seat resident. #nottoomuchlonger ^^

^^ don't know about you, but it looks like we color-coordinate with ikea for saturdays ^^

^^ the place to be is behind daddy's strong shoulders ... ^^

^^... bonus : naps included! ^^
^^ the little baby's room at the start! it is completed now and i can't wait to share! ^^

^^ just 'fishing' in the stream downtown. an hour of happiness and 1001 request later, we now have a tank with goldfish too ^^ 

^^ farmer's market season is here and i am over-the-moon about it! it may not seem like too big of a deal, but can i tell you how much i miss manhattah right now, and this is a small trip down the memory lane makes me so. happy! now they just need to have it all year around. and a few days a week, that's all. ^^

Do you know what to pack?!