Live your dream : Anastasia. Beauty. Art,,

I came across this YouTube video over the weekend, and I cannot get Anastasia's story of my mind, so I want to share. I never knew her background or "how-to"s , but her intriguing name always made me wonder of her tale. I will just say this - wow. I am amazed. Such strength. Such talent. Such perseverance.

As a European myself, I know first hand what it is like to move to a different country and a completely different culture. ( Except I thought I knew the language . Until people started speaking it. And then I was sure I must have learned Japanese or something. Because I could not understand a word) . I admire Anastasia for her achievements. She truly is a living example of an American dream despite of all the odds.

Not a dancer or dance related , though an artist herself, Anastasia is so inspiring.

Isn't she amazing? So strong? And talented? A true master of her work, I think. Wouldn't you agree?
Do you have someone who inspires you?

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