Livin' an learnin'

We've been very blessed to be able to learn more about different cultures over the years, their traditions and believes. Recently we came in contract with Native American culture and tradition. AND WE LOVE everything we see and learn! It is amazing, really eye opening how the core believes of different cultures - whether from the east, middle east, west or anywhere in the world for that matter, are the same. We had such an amazing experience really connect and see how all the cultures are the same to God and Christ. That there truly IS no difference whether is it an arab, or chinese , or russian , or american - the LOVE OF GOD and FAITH in Him unites us all. We are blessed with such wonderful friends too, that - for once - are not expecting anything, are not judging, and are so loving. We were really learning about our Saviour, and His love is so real it is almost frightening to understand it ( at least to me) I really understand "the fear of God" statement from the scriptures. It is not that He is scary. But it is US that are afraid to accept Him and His love when we understand how absolutely real it is. Learning about other cultures really helped us to connect to Him on a much, much deeper level, and all the things we already knew ( or so we thought) took us to a much deeper understanding. There is one profound truth to all of this - the more I learn , the less I know.

You decide...

Beauty of living