Moments to remember { as instagrammed }

^^ my morning view. so sweet. so little. so kissable...^^

time can be kind and time can be merciless. these are the moments that i always want to remember...

^^ babies are playing with babies. so touching to see how much of "mommies" in them is coming up after evyianne's arrival. nature is truly fascinating^^ 

^^ hearing small newborn noises and feeling the breath against my chest - moments i never want to forget. those little feet seem extra tiny in this picture... * forgive the snap shot from the camera display. better pictures coming up soon*^^

^^ a little upper level occupant could not be happier with his royal carriage {and neither could i - the "snooze button" works instantly. every new mommy sanity saver } ^^

^^ and the lower level occupant is glowing with victory. mumbled songs all the way to the playground ^^

^^ first outing+ the new stroller configuration = one happy mommy ^^

^^... and the first hour ... ^^

^^ first karaoke this summer - wizard of oz performed by all four. mommy pride/happiness levels sky-rocked { the five and i cheered from the audience}^^

^^ keeping it cool. what is with this heat?! i am dreaming of temperatures below 100...or better, below 90s...^^

^^when did this little fairy grew up? just a month ago she was a little baby. today it is a little miniature woman {attitude included, and all} ^^

^^ a little picnic with all five {even if the littlest one slept through it all - snooze button, you know} ^^

^^ getting ready for a picnic. packed her own lunch and all. like i said - a little woman...^^

^^ leo - $40, pointe shoes - $75, a realization that these abs need some serious tuning up after landing on derriere when asked to perform an attitude turn - priceless. here comes pilates again. and again. and again...^^

** as seen in pictures above:  stroller : stokke crusi in black melange with a carry cot and a sibling seat. carrier : mycarrier cool ( summer version, perfect for the heat ). bag : jj cole collections in newest charcoal infinity. picnic cups/lunch box : boon baby. **

The weekend is here. Any fun plans?

It's a magical, magical world : Stokke Nursery