Mommy. Stylish.

So, since we've arrived to NYC, I've been getting a bazillion-a-day amount of comments about our stylish way of parenting and , particularly, the pram. I love our pram more over any other stroller ( and you can surely take my word for it , we've tried all the worthy of attention ) simply because there are so many advantages. And once try the pram style, you'll never go back to a regular stroller.
First of all , your baby is laying , just like they are supposed to, with lungs functioning very well and with ease. Secondly, there is a lot of SPACE. Baby lays comfy, your purse is snuggled in, diaper bag attached, and you haven't even touched the storage basket yet. Then, the fact that the pram will go over ANYTHING because it has huge wheels ( but looks STYLISH , not the regular jogger type) . Then , your baby is facing YOU, which means two things : you always know what's going on and the baby is happy; second, the baby is protected from the wind blowing. Which brings me to the next point : if you ever get caught in the rain without the rain cover, pram is THE way to go: with the hood up and the cover snapped, you baby will get just a couple of drizzles, if any, while you enjoy a proper down pour ( though, in style) . Then, completely disregarding the typical "until 5 months"etc annotation, you can use the pram for as long as you choose to. A "only until baby sits up" is simply nonsense. Being a happy owner of 2 wonderful prams , I can assure you, that there is nothing better for a little person that is still enjoying the stroller ride, then a pram. With the hood up they have a little world of their own, with all the necessities of life present ( crayons and a drawing pad, for example) , none of which get lost since there is a beautiful carriage to contain them. Then, unlike the prams from previous generations, the new models actually FOLD, and actually SMALL, making travel and cars be just a breeze. And THEN there is the fact that if you happen to have an older toddler - pram is a much better way then a double stroller ( tried and proven, btw).
So, all that being said, I've noticed since we've been parading all over the NYC with out beautiful pram ( people commenting, of course), more and more carriages , similar to ours started to pop up. Slight difference in style ( I personally like MINE better), nothing major. Or I thought. Until I , accidentally, ran into a baby boutique with the very carriages I started seeing. It was , actually, the price what made me freeze stylishly in my heels. I am sure that there are plenty of people who can easily drop ... mmm... $11,000 for a baby pram, but unless it is platinum with handcrafted golden wheels...mmm ... there are far better options out there.

SO, while the true lady never reveals her secrets, and I surely keep MINE safe, I WILL tell you, that my heart has been stolen a long time ago by the works of art from Silver Cross and Inglesina. Must be my heritage. Europe , after all. At your fingertips. Literally.

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