My first tag

Ok, Lori-ann tagged me :)
6 quirks of mine :

* I walk everywhere :
I mean EVERYWHERE. My car - is my stroller. Reasons? Many. One car for the family of 5 ( very, very soon ) is one of them. Ecology - another. HEALTH - the biggest. My kids are learning too. My almost 5 year old makes 10 miles a day - no sweat. He runs most of it.

* I eat living foods only :
Raw - is the translation, but I like the word "living" better. It is not just me - we all do. Why? It is natural, it makes us feel great , it has great health benefits and it tastes GREAT!

* I can't stand a day without dance, yet I am happy when we get a "cancelled" day. Isn't that weird? Dance is my stress relief. The harder I work, the better I feel - even the most stressful days transform.

* I don't feel normal if I don't feel sore. Even when pregnant. The hardest time I had was when I had to go on the bedrest for a little bit with this pregnancy. I just can't stand the "normal" feeling.

* I am a clean freak. I cannot stand messy house. Drives me CRAZY. Stresses me out. Everyone in the household is trained by now - want happy mommy/wife : CLEAN.

* I can't stand sitting in the house. I HAVE to get out, at least for 3-4 hours. I have to be on the run all the time to be happy. I love the "crash" days, but only if there are no more then 1 a month. We all get super-tired by the end of the week, but if we get more then 1 day of "non-craziness" we don't know what to do with it.

* An extra one : I can't stand being away from my kids. I feel that children-parent relationship is very important. I homeschool. I take them to work with me. I take them shopping. We clean together. We do everything together. I love having moment to myself, but just a moment. A day is way too long.

Whom am I tagging? Everyone who reads this!

Closing. Email - I'll add you in!

You decide...